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Making Zombie Animations with DayZ

By Leigh Cobb23-02-2013

The DayZ team, headed by Dean 'Rocket' Hall, have released a new video on the DayZ blog, focusing on their efforts in creating animations for the upcoming zombie standalone, with the help of motion capture suits.

The Mocap studio at Bohemia Interactive was where they went, promising players better animations than the current ones in the DayZ mod. This is great news in my opinion, as animations were among of the major flaws in the mod version of DayZ, so the use of motion capture improves that infinitely. Rocket also tries out the very tight Mocap suit, the highlight of which is him taking part in a self-described "mocap sex party."

Check out the video and see how the game is coming along! It's entertaining watch and it is always good to see some behind the scenes action from this particular facet of game development.

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