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Making Something Unreal

By Bis18marck7004-10-2012

Epic Games have launched their second ’Make Something Unreal’ competition and this time, contestants compete over the honour of winning an Unreal Engine 4 license.

From 2nd November, Epic will accept all entries that focus on the theme of Mendelian inheritance i.e. the theory on how human behaviour and characteristics are based upon genetics and their parents ‘imprint’. Teams that make it through the shortlist round will then use the Unreal Development Kit and a free edition of the Unreal 3 Engine to develop a game based upon their idea.

All this will play until April 2013, when four finalists have to opportunity to present their ideas and games to a panel of ‘Make-Something-Unreal-Live Judges’ – damn, our title is nothing compared to theirs Stuntman, fix this! – and the general public.

To read more about this competition and its rules, head over to Unrealengine.com. Who knows, with a bit of programming and a solid idea, maybe you might end up as the grand finalist.


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