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Make some Steamy Music

By Toast03-02-2014

Steam is most famous for its platform of awesomeness with bringing us crazy deals and unique and upcoming (or in beta) features. But it doesn’t stop there dear children, Uncle Gabe Newell has a nice treat for all you music lovers. Introducing Steam Music, the latest upgrade to the Steam platform that will allow you to listen to music, while you play. This’ll come in handy for people who have no idea about alt-tabbing or home-ing out or don’t want their precious games to crash to play some sweet melodies while gaming.

Of course, if you have any interest in trying out this new service, all you need to do for a chance to get into the beta and try it for yourself is by simply joining the official Steam Music group. Although once you’re in the beta, you’ll only be able to access it via Big Picture mode and through the SteamOS interface. More options will soon follow such as a desktop mode, so don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll all be able to enjoy it in a multitude of ways in the near and bright future.


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Well except it's more of a media player, not a store where you can buy music.

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