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By breadbitten07-10-2013

Here's something completely out-of-the-left-field; in replying to a question asked by one of his "followers on Twitter" (whatever the f*** that means) Sony Worldwide Studio's head-guy-person Shuhei Yoshida may have unofficially confirmed that the PlayStation 4's (henceforth referred to as 'PS4') super comfy-looking DualShock 4 controller (henceforth referred to as 'DS4') will have out-of-the-box compatibility with PCs, albeit limited to "basic functions".

What those "basic functions" will be is open to interpretation but good ol' Shu later Tweeted/replied/added that, "The analog sticks and buttons will work just fine," which narrows it down to the DS4's more unique features, the touch-pad, share button, headset jack and of course the newfangled lightbar,  not being compatible with the PC.

This is a certainly an interesting development, especially given Valve's recent reveal of its own (mind-bogglingly freaky) Steam Controller, and is hopefully a sign of a near-future where manufacturers are less inclusive about their hardware, providing more options to the consumer at large. Personally speaking I'm just shy of doing a cartwheel after reading this, being an individual who's not quite fond of the ergonomics of the near-ubiquitous 360 gamepad that PC games tend to favor.

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