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Major SimCity Update Incoming - Traffic, Pollution and More

By Mokman07-05-2013

SimCity can now be likened to a roaring inferno, roasting the reputations of both developer Maxis and publisher EA, with further fuel being added by shameless money grubbing and badly implemented patches. Can the creators of such a disaster still salvage the wreck? Should they? The debate rages on, and in the midst of it all, the ever-optimistic individuals seem to have released yet another patch, 3.0, which will be implemented this week. Hopefully it will avoid the fiasco that was 2.0.

The update focuses mainly on traffic, though it attempts to resolve the problems caused by 2.0, such as the pollution that appeared out of nowhere, as well as other issues such as students not being smart enough to cross roads. A more comprehensive list of the features can be read here.

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