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Major Changes to PlanetSide 2

By NeonAnderson16-10-2012

More major changes announced to PlanetSide 2 before it will launch. John Smedley (nicknamed Smed), President of SOE, has posted a significant announcement on the official SOE forums. This post discusses some of the issues the developers are aware of and their planned changes in order to address those issues. Additionally, the post also states that the official release date of the game will be announced this coming Thursday (the 18th of October) at 7 PM Pacific Time in the live SOE stream during the keynote.

Smedley addresses 7 key issues that will be changed before launch and he also states that these 7 changes is just a small part of a long list of major changes that will be coming to the game. The 7 key changes, as explained by Smedley, are:

  • Performance: The developers are aware of the performance issues and are currently focusing on CPU optimisation.
  • Metagame: All 3 continents to be included with the official launch.
  • Weapon balance: The developers are aware of the weapon balance issues and are hard at work trying to balance it.
  • Certs pricing: Within 2 weeks, the developers will have all the Certs prices at a reasonable level.
  • Removal of Auraxium as a resource: Auraxium will be removed from the game and Certs will now be used to purchase weapons as well. The rate of Certs gain will be increased to compensate for this change.
  • Tutorial: The game will receive a mini-tutorial to help ease players into the complexities of the game.
  • Instant Action Mode: “It will be fixed”.

Lastly, Smedley has thanked the beta players for their feedback and has asked that they keep providing more feedback to help improve the game even more!

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Posts: 228

Naw, my PC was a pile of old metal and plastic held together by hope, dust and hatred for outside world.

Posts: 596

Well performance is part of it, so your PC might be up for it, depends on the specs it has and the min. specs of the game. Meaning at launch your PC might be able to run it, even my rig struggles with PS2 beta, thus why they highlight it as a keypoint they are working on.

Posts: 237

I will probably only play it when i get a new rig... :D

Posts: 228

It's a pity my computer is not up to snuff, since the Beta is a blast, even if my kill to death ratio is 1/4. The game's fun and HUUUUGE! For the Republic!