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Magrunning Away Very Quickly

By Bobfish03-05-2013

A new trailer Magrunner: Dark Pulse, for the upcoming Cthulhu slaughterfest in space, by Focus has hit the web. That...that has to win some kind of award for being the most awesome game description ever or something. And if you can't understand why we've been covering this one so diligently...read the first sentence again.

You battle the minions of Cthulhu.

In space.

What more do you even need to know? Go check out the trailer if you don't believe me. There's a freaking Shoggoth trying to munch the poor sap in the face. Or, well, I've seen enough Hentai to know...what you'll comment down below.

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I want this game damnit!

Focus are THIS close to becoming my new favourite publisher