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Maglove Craftrunner

By Bobfish09-04-2013

First Frogwares were boasting the UE3 engine for the upcoming action adventure Magrunner. Now they're trying to murder us all in the face with Lovecraft. Specifically, the Dark Youngs entity from his Cthulhu Mythos. What on Earth compelled them to pit poor Dax against something so diabolically alien is frankly beyond me. But I've seen enough Hentai not to rely on a tired, old internet meme to make this particular tidbit of news interesting. The attached screenshots are quite capable of doing that all on their own. They may also contain the answer to why something so sadistically awesome took place in the first place. Just look at that guy, with the glasses. His expression, that hand gesture...why we ask? Because "why the hell not bitch?" 'Nuff said...unless you want to flee the Elder Gods and take refuge in our comments section below. We promise no pesky Shoggoth will be hiding in the corners waiting to 'assist' you.

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