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Magicka Wizard Wars Screenshots

By MrJenssen17-05-2013

Magicka was quite a unique game when it was released. Combining a seemingly simple concept with some sophisticated gameplay elements, it turned into an instant hit despite tons of bugs.

Paradox have now fully started teasing what seems to be a sort of sequel. They set up a Facebook page a few months ago, and have just released the first screenshots. Check those out in the gallery below.

So what's new? Well this doesn't really seem to be a full-on sequel. It's more of a sidestep, or spin-off. Magicka: Wizard Wars will focus on PvP multiplayer battles between two teams of four wizards that need to use all their cunning and their wizardry skill in the tense fights. Rock, Paper, Shotgun also did a preview recently, something you should definitely check out if you want some more info on the upcoming title.

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