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Magicka: Wizard Wars Comes Soon

By ElderCub10-04-2015

If you liked Magicka, and can't wait for Magicka 2, then you better get your butts ready for Magicka: Wizard Wars. For those unaware, Magicka is a topdown spellcaster/dungeon crawler that asks not of your ability to loot, but of your wisdom as a wizard to manipulate eight different elements and use them effectively. There are no levels, and there are a couple special spells here and there, but for the most part it's about your own intuition.

While Magicka: Wizard Wars is technically out already on Steam's Early Access program, the release date of April 26th will mark the full release of the game with many new features coming just prior, at the alluring price tag of "free". April 14th's update will allow for new ways to progress and level up, allowing players to earn tokens per level and use them to unlock new Magicks, items and cosmetics. While Magick Scrolls aim to allow you to try out Magicks before unlocking them. A new economy allows all items to be bought with their currency of... Crowns. Attainable by playing the game, or in-game purchase. New Starter Packs can also be purchased and contain Crowns, Mastery Tokens, and Treasure Keys. The all new "Soul Harvest" game mode will be added at launch, along with new maps, longer rounds, and more pvp mechanics.

Game Director for Wizard Wars, David Nisshagen had this to say:

"Building this game from scratch together with our great community has been amazing. We developers owe a huge debt of gratitude to our community for participating in our Early Access campaign—the feedback and ideas are crucial in helping us shape what the game has become and will become in the future as we continue to support the title beyond its initial launch. Now, we can't wait to actually release Magicka: Wizard Wars to the masses!"

You can learn more about Wizard Wars on their new blog and play it right now on Steam for free.

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