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Magicka Gets Serious...ish

By Bobfish25-03-2013

Those cute little wizards are going to war!

In a short, rather amusing teaser, Paradox are clearly showing a more serious tone with the upcoming Magicka Wizard Wars, whilst still maintaining that quirky, irreverent humour we all know so well. Being live action there's nothing really here to tell us anything about gameplay. But the arrival of the four 'evil' wizards at the end strongly suggests the game will have a much more team combat based focus, which the game's listing on Paradox Plaza confirms. As well as informing us that we will have the option to create our own persistent and personalised online persona. With options that promise a diverse array of items and hundreds of different spells for both defensive and offensive effects this is definitely one to watch. We will, of course, keep you informed as we hear more, but until then, inscribe your words of power in our comments section below.

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