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Magicka 2 Is Upon Us (and totally not a vampire)

By WskOsc28-05-2015

Magicka 2 has finally seen fit to drop its robes on the bathroom floor and saunter into our steamy gaming rooms and boy are we excited. As our review proves there's a lot of fun to be had in flinging beams of death at things. Okay, at each other. Available now, Magicka 2 comes in three flavours:

  • The Magicka 2 Base Game ($14.99 - PC and PS4), which includes the base game, which is intuitive and self-explanatory
  • The Magicka 2 Special Edition ($19.99 - PC and PS4), which includes the base game and also:
    • The ‘Warlord’ Robe, Sword, and Staff, for Wizards who want to lord their powers over others in a warlike fashion
    • The ‘Cultist’ Robe, Sword, and Staff, for Wizards who wanted to be ‘occult’ but instead joined ‘a cult’ because they weren’t paying attention
    • A unique custom Theme featuring Vlad (PS4 only)
  • The Magicka 2 Digital Deluxe Edition ($24.99 - PC only), which still includes the base game plus the two robes in the Special Edition and also:
    • A digital interactive map of the realm of Midgård, so Wizards can see where they’ve been and how much of the world is left intact
    • The orchestral original soundtrack, which is like magic for your ears.


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