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By Bobfish04-06-2013

At this point, it should come as no surprise that I have an overwhelming bias about Focus Home Interative. I've covered several updates about Margunner: Dark Pulse already, covering both video and screenshots with gleeful abandon. So, of course, when some more of the latter came across my desk, I was all over it like dermis on epidermis. If it was made of superglue. And bacon.

These latest images give just one more reason to want this game. See, Frogwares have done something almost entirely unheard of in the modern video game industry. They've used c...cu...kuh...colour! What is this madness? Better yet, it's not just colour for the sake of colour. The tones and hues chosen all serve to further enhance the oppressively grim atmosphere of facing down the deepest depths of the deep madness that can only come from the mind of HP Lovecraft. Or Clive Barker. Anyway, point is, I want this game and you should too. Check out the images below, leave your comments below...er, and whatever you do, don't look behind you. Tindalos is waiting.

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Superglue and bacon...superbacon. Scientists! Make this a real thing!