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Mad Max Screenshots, Information Surface

By zethalee22-04-2015

Though Just Cause developer Avalanche Studios has been curiously mum about their development of Mad Max, it hasn't stopped them from producing more concept art about the game. Beyond that is the strange silence, as the game is scheduled for release roughly five months from now, even with it missing last year's E3 and this year's Mad Max movie. What we do know has been gleaned from interviews around the web, the most informative of which comes from GamesRadar.

Perhaps the biggest thing to note is that the game will not be a movie tie-in, but rather, a game set entirely in the universe of the franchise. As Avalanche have quite the experience developing open-world games, they seem to be taking a page out of Just Cause's book, where "wherever you go, something's always happening." Much of the action looks to stem from the use of vehicles, in fitting with the series' focus on them, and the plot itself involves Max's Vindicator being stolen, and the player, as a result, going on a quest to build the ultimate machine; Max's Magnum Opus, though with the help of a mechanic named Chumbucket.

That's not to say that Avalanche haven't also spent time in crafting the Wasteland into a unique character of its own, either. Reportedly, great care has been taken into making every base, every pocket of humanity feel unique, while still offering quite a bit of freedom for the player. With limited water, food, and fuel, the player is going to have to get physical with the less welcoming remnants of humanity, turning what should be simple outpost takeovers into medieval brawls. Hopefully we'll know more before the game releases sometime later this year.

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I saw the trailer for the film, a fortnight back, when I went to see Blade Runner. It...might be okay