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Mad Max Motion...Comics?

By JcDent19-08-2013

Dear presumably sexy and intellectual reader, I'll let you in on a little secret: comics in video games do not bode well. It's a sign that the devs either didn't have the money for cutscenes or knew their cutscene making skills suck. Max Payne gets a pass on that, but not other games.

Well, OK, what we have here is a Motion Comic (it means that some of the static drawings slide around the scene) about the upcoming Mad Max game. For those not in the know, Mad Max is a documentary about Mel Gibson's days as a traffic cop in LA. Or a badass warrior in the deserts of post nuclear Australia that's filled with crazy motorized gimps. Same thing really.

Well, this motion comic has it all - the brown palette that's required for "srs" games these days as well as the most common things in a Hollywood nuclear wasteland: cars, gimps and sand (in that order). Also? A mutant who worships Angel Petroleum, because once the bombs fall, everybody starts worshipping any sort of random shit that they had at hand. That's what happens when atheist ChiCom nukes target churches as high priority targets.

Well, I won't spoil what little plot there is, but stuff's on par with what you'd expect out of a Mad Max game.

I still think that it's going to fail like that biker game did recently. Dunno why. Must be the leather jackets.

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