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Machine For Pigs Delayed Again

By Merc20-02-2013

The terrifying new Amnesia game is unfortunately delayed again. Can you hear the thousands of gamers give out a sigh of relief because they know they are safe at least for a little while longer? On Frictional Games blog post, the news was let loose on the gaming community. It is not all bad news however, they also say that the game is looking very good after a years worth of work. Also of note, it seems that the game was supposed to be a something quite different than what it is now. It has been evolved into something different. Originally it was supposed to be an experimental game set in the Amnesia world, well now it is a fully fledged game of its own. Any of you PC gamers ready for the new Amnesia game, or have any frightening tales from the first game you would like to share with us? Please let us know in the comments.

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