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Lurking In The Dark

By BloodyFanGirl10-05-2013

Shadow Warrior, the 1997 2D FPS based on the famous Build engine of Duke Nukem 3D, is getting a reboot. Huzzah! A server recently uncovered by a fan revealed that apparently Flying Wild Hog and Devolver Digital are already working on the project.

There has, as yet, not been an official announcement regarding the project. There hasn't been much else in regards to the game either. Though there is this teaser on Steam Greenlight with a message from Zilla Enterprises. Did I mention that the original Shadow warrior is coming to Steam as well. Because that's also happening.

Well-loved, classic games being revisited by today's developers appears to be becoming a bit of a trend as of late. Oh, and another thing! Rise of the Triad is also on the way apparently. May this trend continue, I say. Until we hear more from Devolver Digital, make sure to take a gander at the first screen shot that's been released for Shadow Warrior.

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Sounds like your kid-self was on to something though, now that the titles getting a reboot. :p

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I loved Shadow Warrior as a kid. I was surprised when I looked it up in recent years and saw it had gotten such mediocre scores. I thought it was pretty great for the time. But then again, I was a dumb kid. :P