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Lucky Number 1313

By drcoolio34518-11-2014

Not many games are lucky enough to get as many chances to come back as 1313 has.

Originally being developed by LucasArts, Star Wars 1313, the game about a bounty hunter in the gritty slums of Coruscant, was shut down along with LucasArts after Disney closed them after spending about 1313 metric tons of money dollars to get them. Then just one year later, EA teased the game, released juicy details, only to shut it down again.

1313 has proven to be a phantom game if there ever was one, but it might have a new hope through Change.org, where a petition has been started to pressure EA into actually making the game that was promised to us. The petition already has 13,000+ signatures, and goes like this:

"At E3 2012 LucasArts wowed us with a demo of Star Wars 1313. Gamers around the world were blown away with 1313. We could finally play a gritty dirty Star Wars game as a bounty hunter on Coruscant. After LucasArts was disbanded and the Star Wars game licenses were purchased by EA, the game was then cancelled. But recently new concept art and story information about 1313 was released and now this game sounds better than ever. Please help get this amazing game finished by signing this petition."

With some luck, we'll be seeing the return of the 1313 soon.

Here is the link if you're interested in signing.

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Posts: 3290

I disagree. EA have been picking up again recently. Strike whilst the iron is hot

Posts: 596

Meh, people signing that signature are stupid. It is EA, HELLOOOOO, they will completely screw it up. It would be better to let this epic mysterious RPG/action giant stay asleep.