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Lucid: The Awakening

By BloodyFanGirl04-09-2013

You're alone in the woods. You don't know how you got there or why you're there. There doesn't seem to be anyone for miles around and yet you can't shake the feeling that you're being watched. Suddenly, you think you hear something. A twig snapping. Perhaps you're not alone after all. But somehow you just know that whatever snapped that twig is less than friendly. So, terrified, you run. And whatever IT is runs after you. You can hear it, breathing heavily, rapidly closing the gap between the two of you. You just can't run fast enough, it's getting closer and closer. Panicking you glance over your shoulder and see IT reaching out to you, its talons only inches away from your face.

And then you wake up. It was just a nightmare. You're safe. But what if you hadn't been able to wake up? That's the question Lucid: The Awakening asks.

How does the player character find themselves in that situation? Well, "At The Cortex, patients are uploaded to different Nightmares to test the concept of Lucid dreaming...while in each nightmare, a corresponding villain will be within, trying to stop you from completing the objective. Once all objectives are completed, the player enters an elevator to proceed to the next level or nightmare."

Ah, but this wouldn't be much of a nightmare simulator if you weren't completely defenceless, now would it? "In Lucid, there are no weapons. Each level will have a different light source that matches the environment of the dream. The monster in each level will be roaming the map. Searching for you. The player will have two methods of survival. To hide, or to distract."

The game will have 9 villains to avoid across 9 levels (I'm not the only one thinking of Slender: The Arrival, am I?). If you like the sound of that then you can vote for the game on Greenlight. The game in its alpha stage at the moment though it will be in beta before the end of this year with a full release in Spring next year.

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