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Lost Planet 3 Launches Into Ice

By JcDent28-08-2013

Lost Planet was initially a game about fighting giant bugs on a frozen planet while occasionally piloting a mech. Then it got lost a little, as the newest trailer for the prequel shows that that fighting giant bugs AND a human military on a frozen planet while occasionally piloting a mech. So, it's Red Faction: Guerilla.

Only made by Spark Interactive.

They haven't worked on the series before and two of three games they have made are Turning Point: Fall of Liberty and Legendary. Turning Point is at best boring while Legendary is an unmitigated failure, to the point where NPCs are not actually firing bullets (I recommend the LP on Dinner Dates channel on YouTube as it has an interview with a beta tester at the end). Will the studio pull through with this one? You can basically ask the same question with W40K: Deathwing - is Streum On good enough to carry the project through?

Only time and angry people on the internet will tell!


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Meh, the first game was fun, second was really bad, and this looks kinda lame as well.