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Lost Planet 3 Bonuses Detailed

By Mokman11-04-2013

Insane and awesome are two words I'd use to describe the Lost Planet series, and this would be followed by excited - the one word I'd use to describe my feelings when anybody mentions Lost Planet 3. Lost Planet 2, despite being a horrible console port, was incredibly fun, a guaranteed co-op romp that held immense depth while simultaneously being crazy and intense.

So that's good enough reason personally to be pre-ordering Lost Planet 3, despite Capcom sneaking in a recent delay in its release from June to August 27th for NA and 30th for EU. But now there's more. A whole bunch of Pre-order bonuses have been detailed, from different retailers as per follows:

Best Buy grants the assault pack, which gives three unique weapons and two rig (the stompy mech) upgrades.

Amazon gives us the punisher pack which gives us three different unique weapons and the two rig upgrades.

And lastly, Gamestop/EB Games, which grants the freedom fighter pack containing five unique multiplayer characters and the two rig upgrades.

What are you waiting for?


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