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Lost Pirates And Indians

By Bobfish08-03-2013

So a trailer for Lost Planet 3 has turned up. Looks suspiciously like a certain 3D blockbuster movie from not so very long ago. Featuring harsh, frozen terrain, intense storms and vicious alien lifeforms trying to munch your face. Yeah, a lot like Prometheus then. If the space suits were Gears of Waresque powered suits of armour and there was a lot more shooting and 'splosions. So kinda' like Prometheus meets Aliens with power armour. Or something like that. It looks decent enough I suppose, but nothing truly spectacular, rather standard to be honest. Oh yeah, it also has space Indians, but that didn't remind me of anything. If it rings a bell for you, of course, you could make your way down to the comments below and have your avatar rage at me for missing it.


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