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Lords of the Special Edition

By acharris7710-02-2014

We are getting nearer to the release of Konami's Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 and Konami are still releasing teasing information. As if details of the Void Sword and the second developer's diary were not enough to get you excited, we now have details of the special edition of the game. This means that there will now be two extra editions to choose from, as being released is a Dracula Tomb Premium Edition for this awesome looking game.

This edition is going to be packaged in a special edition Belmont box, which features a fold-out Triptych inside, which looks pretty sweet. You also get the limited edition art book with details of hidden Dracula artwork, and of course the game. This version is the middle ground between the standard edition and the expensive Dracula edition. If Konami keeps the teasers coming up to the release, then I don't think I be able to contain my excitement much longer.

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