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Lords of the Screencap

By Bobfish12-05-2014

We’re not entirely sure how, but our colleagues over at All Games Beta have gotten their hands on some footage of Lords of the Fallen. I mean, the way it was recorded is clear, someone took a smartphone into a presentation (which is not in English by the way) and recorded the demo, but how it was found from there...who cares, just give it a look and let your jaw hang slack as it should. 

Gameplay itself is clearly, and unashamedly, heavily influenced by Dark Souls. With the addition of a third (magic?) bar for the player character, as well as second magic/stamina/power/whatever bar for monsters. The whole thing is a boss battle however, so the latter part may not be included for every enemy type. Beyond that, it’s unclear which platform this is running on, though onscreen prompts do show it was played with an Xbox controller. That means it could be Xbone footage... but I highly doubt that personally. Though if it is... damn man, game looks shweet as.

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