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Lords of the Levels

By acharris7727-02-2014

Here in the UK we are getting closer to the launch of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2, with just one day to go. I am not upset that America and Europe have had it for a couple of days, not really. Now we are being teased with a trailer that shows how the level up works for attacks.

There are three levels of mastery judging by the video. You purchase the upgrades, and when you get to level 3, you appear to be able to launch some sort of unstoppable attack to wipe out the enemies. In just one day we will be able to play as the Prince of Darkness and I for one will be a very happy man.

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Posts: 3290

Works fine for me. Probably just YouTube derping out at the time

Posts: 1548

Is it just me or the vid is broken on HD?