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Lords of the Fallen Seems to Fall Flat

By Doubleplus01-10-2014

As much as I'd love for Souls-likes to become a thing, based on what was shown in the 11 minutes of gameplay, I have my doubts that Lords of the Fallen will scratch that particular itch. For instance, there's a voice that follows you that manages to kill any sort of atmosphere. The souls series was amazing for setting up atmospheres that were dark, oppressive and brutal, whereas Lords of the Fallen simply tells you it's dark oppressive and brutal. Gameplay wise, it doesn't seem like much either. The two bosses it showcases, who are (Get ready for this) a large humanoid with a giant sword and shield, and a humanoid monster with an insectoid bottom half (Careful Polaris! You don't want to be too creative!), are slow, predictable and don't do nearly as much damage as they seem like they would.

Also another thing that may seem minor, but for anyone who has played Souls or Monster Hunter as much as I have is a major thing: Why is healing so fast? Do you think From or Capcom made it so that your character either takes a slow sip from his flask or do a silly pose after healing just because it was cool? No. They did it because it forces you to wait for a good opportunity to heal, rather than just doing it whenever you feel like. Maybe I'm just a bitter old Soulsfan who shakes his fist at anything different, but if you are going to try and follow in the footsteps of the Souls series, please for the love of Gwyn, do it right.

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