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Lords of the Fallen Responses

By drcoolio34524-10-2014

Using alphas, betas, and previews to gather complaints isn't a new strategy by any means in the gaming field, but a developer responding to them is rarer. The developer behind Lords of the Fallen has actually made a video responding to recent criticisms from players going through the game in the preview build. In the video he talks about:

• Difficulty
• Spell trees
• New game+
• The PC experience
• Length of the game
• Light gear vs. heavy gear
• Non-linear exploration
• Timing and combos
• Movement and attack speed
• Using spells vs. using gauntlets
• The story, audio logs, and item descriptions

You can check out some more Lords of the Fallen gameplay with developer commentary here and here in case you haven't made up your mind on the game yet. Lords of the Fallen only has five days left until release and will be coming out on Xbox One, PS4, and Windows.

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I like how these devs handle criticism and skepticism. This game just got slightly more interesting to me. So I guess I'm very interested at this point.