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Lords of the Fallen 2 in Development

By drcoolio34501-06-2015

Lords of the Fallen, who some of us might remember as the game that wanted to be Dark Souls but heavier, came out last year and was met with relative success after gamers seeking challenge and fans of the Dark Souls series heard about it. This evening the Lords of the Fallen Facebook page posted this update:

"In case you missed it: We have already started project 'Lords of The Fallen 2' and we plan to release it in 2017. Later this year we will present you #LOTFmobile - a new mobile-rpg experience."

Lords of the Fallen 2 in development? Lords of the Fallen mobile? Sounds good to me!

Don't get too excited now because these games are still a ways off, but it's nice to see the new genre of action RPG meeting with enough success to warrant a sequel, especially for those of us who will be craving some more brutally difficult gameplay after finishing Bloodborne.

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