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Lords Of Screenshots

By BloodyFanGirl20-07-2013

Not too long ago we reported that Castlevania: Lord of Shadows 2 would be coming to PC and Steam. Since then Konami have released a trailer and now they're back with more screenshots. Check out our gallery below.

In this Castlevania game Drac's back. Again. Old Drac is threatened by Satan who is hell bent (geddit) on causing the apocalypse in the name of revenge. Dracula wants to stop him and so sets off to reacquire his powers, make a pact with Death, defeat the evil one and hopefully earn eternal rest for his troubles. The game will be released this winter on PC alongside Xbox 360 and PS3.

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Posts: 1548

This looks really good. I am glad both games are coming to PC.

Posts: 3290

I thought it already did? I mean, at least I remember the announcement

Posts: 237

Im waiting for the first one to come out on PC. This looks realy good! :D

Posts: 351

Oh yeah! I loved the first one so I am all for this game coming to the PC.

Posts: 3290

Dude. That looks NICE!