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Lords of Revelations

By acharris7707-03-2014

Just a week after the launch of Konami's Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2, the first DLC has been announced. Entitled 'Revelations', the new content will follow fan-favourite Alucard, the turned son of Gabriel, who has shunned life for some time now and only fights creatures of the night. This DLC takes place somewhere between the end of LoS 1 and the apocalyptic events of LoS 2.

'Revelations' takes place within the same stunning world as seen in the recently-released sequel. Alucard readies for his father's return and the upcoming battle with Satan. As the story unfolds gamers see how the lone vampire is linked to his father fate. Also uncovered will be his secrets, and the true extent of his involvement in Dracula's story. Of Course Alucard will have his own powers and abilities, including use of the Glaciem and Igneas powers and the vampiric tricks of transforming into a wolf, a swarm of bats and even turn back time. Powers can be supercharged by drinking the blood of enemies.

'Revelation' DLC will be released March 25 and it will be interesting to explore the story of Alucard and finally find out the fate of the Belmonte clan. Then we shall see if the unfair criticism that the game had in reviews is warranted.

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