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Lords of Devs, Part 2

By acharris7731-01-2014

The past week has been pretty good thanks to Konami's new videos. First they release a trailer showing some of the cast and the voice acting that is in the game, and now they release their second developer diary. Dave Cox, producer of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2, and Enric Alvarez, Head of Development at MercurySteam, discuss some details about the upcoming title.

It is set in a modern day city setting with a gothic look and feel to it, taking place over one night. Unlike the previous game, there will be no loading times as you move around the environment. The more you explore the open world and progress through the game, the map gets bigger and you will find yourself having to teleport from place to place with a device you acquire on the journey. The developers have made a changing environment that will feel different depending on where you go.

As well as creating a modern, realistic, Castlevania city to play in, the weapons and some enemies are also modern day. This adds excitement, as being armed only with classic weapons such as swords and whips; you will need a strategy before entering battle. Besides new foes and never before seen characters, Satan returns and is more dangerous than in the previous game. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 is just looking better and better with each new trailer or screenshot released. I really can't wait until end of February to get my hands on this, though I don't think I mentioned that before in a news piece, have I?

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You know, I've never really been all that into Castlevania.

I think now is my time to change that