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Lords of Collectors

By acharris7701-11-2013

Konami used Halloween to update us regarding the upcoming Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2.  It was an appropriate day to reveal information, seeing as the count himself, Dracula, is the anti-hero. There are also some treats for pre-orders ahead of it 28th February release date. Anyway, the trailer looks awesome, and this focuses on the Prince of Darkness himself taking on none other than Satan.

Konami have also announced details of special editions and the collectable content. Up first is a beautiful 'Dracula's Tomb Premium Edition', which is encased in a tomb casing. This version comes with a copy of the game, four highly detailed 10cm figurines by comic book artist Neil Googe, A4 hardcover art book, and exclusive steelbook. This edition is limited to just 30,000 units across Europe, and is a Game exclusive.

For those looking to pre-order from Zavvi, they will have an alternative steelbook edition, which is encased in a metallic cover showing an image of the main man himself, Dracula. Pre-order bonuses will be available; these will be the alternate 'Premium Dracula' suit, a 'Dark Dracula' costume, or a 'Relic Rune' pack, that adds a wealth of relic items to the user's inventory. All this will depend on who the pre-order retailer is.

This latest information about this stunning looking game, is teasing something that I want to sink my teeth into, and I bet this game is so awesome, that it will have a better love story than Twilight did (well this part might not be true). As usual, comments below as we would like to hear your thoughts.

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