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Lord of the Rings Online Goes to Helm's Deep

By JcDent13-09-2013

Lord of the Rings Online is an MMO set in Tolkien's Middle-Earth, around the time the Ring War happened - and it's free to play. Hooray, I guess? It now has an upcoming expansion pack, titled Helm's Deep.

What it does is expand the Rohirim - horse Vikings if you will - side of the game. You'll mill around five new areas of the map where you'll have to talk the various Rohirim ridings (clans) to join the cause and teach Saruman a lesson - preferably one with stabbing and war horses. Also, the level cap is increased from 85 to 95.

Of course, you only need to be level ten to take part in the battle for Helm's Deep. You might win, you might lose - this is an MMO, things don't stay solid, so you'll be able to replay it time and time again.

Also, there are two editions you can purchase and pre purchase.

Premium edition, costing a hefty $59 (are they crazy?) will net you this loot, along with stuff already mentioned:

Armour of the Hammerhand – an exclusive full set of Rohirrim cosmetic armour

+10 quest log slots

Crystal of Remembrance – adds one additional legacy to your legendary weapon

Helm's Deep Title – Helm's Enforcer

Helm's Deep Title – Helm's Avenger

2000 Turbine points

Preordering scum will also get:

Shield of the Hammerhand (Statted Cloak  +25%XP, scales to level of wearer)

Exclusive War-steed Bundle (The Steed of the Hammerhand) – an exclusive Rohirrim mount with matching War-Steed appearance

Meanwhile, crazy, but not as crazy people who'll buy Base edition ($39 - well, 39.99, so it might as well be $40 will get:

Hauberk of the Hammerhand - an exclusive Rohirrim cosmetic chest piece

Helm's Deep Title: Helm's Enforcer

1000 Turbine points

Preordering (or "catinnabagging") will get them:

Token of Hornburg (+25% Monster XP)

The Steed of the Hammerhand – an exclusive Rohirrim Mount

Truly this warrant's a AAA worth of payment. But hey, maybe we have LOTRO fans here. Maybe you'd care to chime in on the matter?

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Posts: 3290

EVE has been going for ten years. That doesn't look like arse

Posts: 42

It's a really old MMO to be fair. It's really detailed and carries a lot depth but you've got to spend a fortune in microtransactions to be able to play it properly. There's no option to pay a subscription and unlock everything.

Posts: 228

I wish my bloody phone played something like that. It's just old and even back than it stank of Lineage.

Posts: 1548

Is this on an iPhone or a browser game? Why does it look so poor?