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Look at Furnished Rooms in DayZ

By Leigh Cobb20-10-2012

The DayZ guys have released more screenshots, detailing interiors in the standalone version of the popular Arma 2 mod. Want to look at pictures of mundane and ordinary rooms? You've come to the right news post.

Look at the pictures, absorb the seething visual information that is by this point overpowering your brain. Done that? Good. Now pull yourself out of that furniture induced trance and read what the developers have said regarding the future of interior design:

"...the interiors do look very clean. Adding gore or deterioration can quickly be overdone, so we feel our first task is to create the interiors and ensure we are happy with the gameplay and quality of the basic texture work - then we will go through to add elements more authentic to the situation. Overall, we believe the experience should have a style more akin to “The Road” rather than gore for gore’s sake. When you find gore in DayZ, it will mean something and have impact. In fact, it will be most likely due to tragedy or betrayal involving a human player. This way, we believe what happens in the world matters, instead of simply adding some crashed buses and blood everywhere."

What's more, the blog post gives word that the developers are busy touching up and generally rearranging the whole map to better suit DayZ. From the sounds of, this will include a lot more interiors. Their lack of prior to this was something of an annoyance in DayZ. Nothing was worse than rolling up into town, battered and scarred, only to find that three of the 12 buildings were enterable, and only one had loot in. That loot being a pile of cans.


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looks kewl. think ill buy this when its out. only had arma 2 not OA