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Longtime Developer Zombie Studios Closing

By zethalee09-01-2015

Known for kickstarting the "Spec Ops" series in the 90s, Zombie Studios, in business for 21 years, announced their closing, with the retirement of the owners. In a post on their website, which has since been removed, they thank all of their fans for their support, and to follow Builder Box Games, which now owns the rights to Blacklight: Retribution, and has some of the former team members over at Zombie Studios.

Zombie Studios themselves released Daylight last year, which was flaunted as the first retail Unreal Engine 4 game available, and have been developing the aforementioned free-to-play shooter Blacklight: Retribution for almost three years now. Rumors of the closing had been floating around for about a week, since a post on the Blacklight forums announced the transfer of the rights to Builder Box Games. Builder Box itself is headed by the former Director of Production and Technical Director over at Zombie Studios, showing that by no means, are the former team members done developing games just yet.

There has also been talk of an as-yet unannounced project also included in the transfer, but it may well be a while before it sees the light of day. We shall have to see where Builder Box goes in the near future, and we all wish the former members of Zombie Studios a happy farewell.

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