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Long Live The Queen

By BloodyFanGirl01-08-2013

We've previously covered Guild Wars 2's love of celebration and festivities. Now there's goos news for royalist players in the form of the Queen's Jubilee event. The event celebrates ten years on the thrown for Queen Jennah.

The event starts August 5th and, to celebrate, Tyria's denizens can partake in a variety of things from hot air balloon trips to Divinity's Reach to fights in the new gladiatorial arena in the Crown Pavilion. You can read up about all of the Jubilee events on the official Guild Wars 2 website here.

Alongside the event is an update that fixes various things. Wallets can now hold everything from dungeon tokens to Badges of Honour, saving space in your bank and inventory. On the subject of money, dungeons will now give extra money when players run explorable paths each day. In addition to this there is now a PvP solo queue and Champion loot drops.

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I just could never get into this game, its good, but still to much of an MMO that I have played many times before.