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LoL Dev Sets the Record Straight

By NeonAnderson11-04-2013

Yesterday, we reported on the story that DFC Intelligence released a report stating that DOTA 2 had become the most played "core" PC game. As mentioned in that news post, I was very sceptical of the accuracy of their report and the mysterious source of their information. Indeed it seems my scepticism was warranted as Riot has since contacted Gamesindustry.biz to raise their concern with this information.

The Riot spokesperson who contacted GamesIndustry pointed to internal statistics, showing that every day the EU West server peaks at 500,000 players, bear in mind this is just the EU West server, there are also five more servers that are entirely separate from each other; namely, North America, EU Nordic & East, Brazil, Turkey, and Russia.

Riot then contrasted this with the publically available Steam stats showing that the highest peak ever on Steamgraph for DOTA 2's beta is 325,879 concurrent players. This obviously raises some serious concerns about the accuracy of DFC Intelligence's report. As that Steamgraph statistic is the highest peak the title has ever reached and it logs statistics for the game's usage worldwide. While Riot only had to provide statistics from its EU West server and just an average daily peak figure, not even an all-time peak as compared to the Steamgraph statistic for DOTA 2.

"You can see how we would have some issues with the accuracy of this report" as stated by Riot's spokesperson.

While this might seem a bit silly to some, from a company and business perspective it is clear why Riot would have issues with false information spreading about the game's popularity compared to its competitors. Especially since one of the big pulling factors for League of Legends is its vast popularity.

As this is probably not the end of this story, we will be sure to keep you up-to-date as the story develops.

The moral of this story? Don't buy a 6,000 Dollar inaccurate report from DFC Intelligence...

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