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Logs In Motion

By Bobfish18-04-2013

As though directly responding to my request last week ('cause this was totally for my sole benefit of course) Focus Interactive have published an overview video for their seminal Mars: War Logs RPG. Promising a staggering degree of customisation that extends far beyond even your character's skills and dialogue choices. All of the footage, taking so visual cues from context menus, appears to come from the 360, though it could as easily be a PC with a 360 Controller attached.

Either way, whilst this isn't going to win awards for being the next graphical benchmark, but it still looks great. Movements flow extremely smoothly, environments are vibrant and dynamic, and everything is very, very red. But, y'know, it's Mars, so that's to be expected. More importantly, it's a motif that actually works for a change. Far from making everything look dull, it affects a drab, oppressive atmosphere which you would expect from the cramped, dirty hovels the Martian lower classes are forced to subsist within. With only a month to go, I'm marking my calendar. Check out the video above to see why, then join me below to log your support.

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What is killing me is the accent. I honestly understood maybe 10 words she said...

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The wait is killing me -.-