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Logitech Changing Accessory Focus

By siegarettes25-01-2013

Logitech has announced that due to a massive loss and disappointing third quarter results of last year it will be focusing on developing tech for the quickly growing mobile market, as well as PC. Logitech also noted that they would be growing their PC market "selectively", continuing where they were successful and moving away from areas where they have a disadvantage. You can get the full details in this financial report released over at the Logitech site.

Personally, I use a lot of Logitech products and have found them to be quite well made and suitable for what I use them for. However, I'd be hard pressed to tell you notable products they have put out for current consoles, aside from the odd headset.


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Posts: 1548

I think they are just dropping consoles and moving to mobile instead. PC stays the same more or less

Posts: 27

What could they do now for the pc?