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Logging New Mars Arrivals

By Bobfish12-04-2013

Four more screenshots for Mars: War Logs have come to light. Showing some of the old along with some of the new. Unsurprisingly, the muddy orange/red colour palette persists as a running motif, but don't let that put you off. Far from seeming repetitive and bland, it allows what little other colour remains to stand out all the more vibrantly. Particularly the blue swirl that appears to be some kind of, perhaps psionic, energy blast in one of the images.

There's also a new character revealed here. Devotion Chase, described as a 'dangerous beauty and right hand of the general of Aurora's army, Honour Grant' who is hunting for the protagonist through the working class areas of Shadowlair. Whilst her motivation and intentions for Roy remain unclear, one thing that is clear is how strongly she reinforces the cyberpunk aesthetic of the game. I have to say though, as impressive as the screenshots are, I say it's about time we saw some more video footage. There's a lot of potential here, but we need video to really judge. And with the game due to hit the PC on May 13th, time is growing short. So the ultimate question is what do you think? Because I'm certainly intrigued. Log your thoughts in the comments below.

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