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Loading Yourself into Loading Human

By MrJenssen28-01-2014

The biggest challenge all creative hardware manufacturers face, is the one of software support. Nintendo have experienced this challenge intimately with their gaming consoles, which have gotten a reputation for being little more than dust collectors past the first few novelty months.

The Oculus team who are designing the Rift VR headset, seem to do a good job avoiding this potential problem by, among other things, working with Valve on VR tech and games, and hiring industry veteran John Carmack for good measure.

Well, more and more developers are showing interest in making games built from the ground up for the VR goggles, one of which is developer Untold Games. They're currently working on a first person adventure game called Loading Human which, according to CEO Flavio Parenti, is "specifically designed for the best virtual reality experience, taking advantage of the Oculus Rift and the Stem or Hydra [positional tracking] controllers".

That sounds pretty cool in theory, and the video above shows some interesting in-game mechanics working with the hardware. One question springs to mind, though. This could be an expensive affair for immersion-seeking adventure gamers. Will this game alone be worth the purchase of both a Rift set and a motion controller from Razer or Sixense?

We'll keep you in the loop as more details about the game begin to surface.

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