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Loading Human: The Oculus Rift Sci-Fi Adventure

By drcoolio34523-05-2014

We've gotten Dairy Farm Simulator, City Bus Simulator, Goat Simulator, and now we finally have a human life simulator!

Loading Human is nearing their goal on Kickstarter now, and plans to be released on the Oculus Rift so you can feel immersed in the human life, as if you were actually a human. Besides some clipping issues, the game actually looks pretty impressive with people being able to pick up records and play them in game, melting ice over a stove, and throwing glass to watch it shatter.

While the YouTube video above shows more gameplay elements, the video on Kickstarter is more about the plot, which discusses the sci-fi story and promises an adventure game made by and meant for gamers.

Describing itself as "The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind meets Monkey Island in virtual reality" makes it seem like Loading Human is promising A LOT, a respected movie meets one of the most well respected adventure games of all time on a pretty new platform is pretty ambitious. That being said, if this manages to be a hit, it could spark a new staple genre for the Oculus Rift.

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