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Living Legends Stops Development

By Mokman17-01-2013

This is a sad day for all MechWarrior fans - hotly-anticipated Crysis: Wars mod, Mechwarrior: Living Legend, has halted development. Where it had previously promised us beautifully rendered mechs blasting away at each other over various maps, the dream has now been abandoned, leaving the current build, 0.7.0, as the final one. Although it can be downloaded here, it still has its fair share of bugs, none of which would be ever ironed out.

This move, although tragic, was not unforeseen, especially with the growing popularity of MechWarrior: Online. As revealed on the developer's statement, the decision to halt Living Legends was one made entirely of the studios' own accord, due to a lack of player base and commitment. All we can do now is thank Wandering Samurai Studios for their valiant effort, and offer our condolences for the missed opportunity.

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As I understand its a done deal. Hope they move to something bigger and more profitable for them next.

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I think that community must support them more in order to give them a boost...