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Living Breathing World

By Merc02-11-2012

Agent 47 has been hiding in the shadows since his last appearance in 2006 in Hitman Blood Money. IO Interactive has been slowly re-introducing players to Agent 47 with a series of videos showcasing different aspects of Absolution.

Agent 47 is part of a rich and dynamic world where players must pay attention to their surroundings. In this living breathing world players will have to solve various problems to achieve their goal. This video showcases the random characters in the world, and gives a glimpse of the lives they lead. Those lives may be at an end however, Agent 47 is in the shadows.

I loved the Hitman games in the past, and have been waiting for years for a new entry into the series. Absolution looks to be worth the wait, and the new Glacier 2 engine is incredible to look at. I have already pre-ordered Absolution and cannot wait for November 20th to piano wire some fools!

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Posts: 1548

Yeah I really liked what I've experienced at Eurogamer Expo. It seems the spirit of Hitman games is all there and fully intact too so no need to moan about it.

Posts: 240

My hopes are so high for this game. The Hitman series is amazing and I'm honestly glad that, despite "fans" of the series going up in arms when the first trailers of this were released, the developers are sticking to their guns and not setting themselves ambitions that could hurt the series. Also, choking someone to death with a plunger FTW.