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Livestream Annihilation

By Mokman31-07-2013

To those rare few who do not know what Planetary Annihilation is all about right now, I would like to welcome you back to the world of the present. As for the rest, it seems that the developers of that crazed Supreme Commander-like, epic-scaled real-time strategy game have thrown us a new bone, just to keep us appeased until the actual product is shipped.

But this time it's a substantial bone, a big one with shreds of juicy, succulent meat hanging off of it. A livestream showcasing the inner workings of the game, it shows off the "system editor, creating multiple body orbits, and celestial body collisions - i.e. how to send an asteroid at someone's base". Asteroid billiards? Hell yes. Where do I sign up? The answer to that, by the way, is here, where you can pre-order for instant access.

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