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Live Out Your Astronaut Fantasies in Spacewalk

By Mokman13-05-2013

Well, I say astronaut fantasies, I actually meant 'walking along the outside of a space station frantically trying to hold on and not break anything' fantasy. Spacewalk puts you in the heavy thruster boots of an astronaut attempting an EVA on the outside of the ISS, which is immaculately detailed. The entire game consists of just traversing the space station's exterior, but that's much harder than it sounds - small movements are magnified in the vastness of space and you could easily send yourself hurtling head over heels into the inky blackness.

What's more, the game is Oculus Rift enabled - for a truly mind-boggling experience. I can't wait to get my hands on a kit so I could really be there, in my sound-deadened space-suit, walking along the ISS... and smashing into something really valuable. There is also multi-player though not much to do in it other than bump into other people while in space. Still, this is pretty amazing, and I beseech you to go check it out.

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