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Live Island?

By Fr33Lanc3r.00724-11-2013

You all remember that trailer from Dead Island? You know, the one that had a better story than the game itself? The one with that family that had obviously never seen a zombie flick, and deliberately left safety to retrieve the body of their daughter? Oh what the hell....the one down there?!?

Well, BJ McDonnell, in association with Cinedrone Pictures and Machinima, took it upon himself to recreate that trailer with actual actors, and the result is spectacular to say the least. I know the props and effects needed for zombie movies are fairly cheap (thus all the cheap zombie flicks that permeate the direct-to-DVD market), but still, for a guy with only one other directing credit to his name, and actors who are probably only recognised by their mothers, it's a good effort. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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Good luck with that, Elof! I'd throw kids off the roof if I had some at hand, if it'd let me live a minute longer. HUE HUE!

Anyway, this video was pretty damn well made. Not nearly as powerful as the CGI-version (I think it's because I felt like they were real characters in the CGI-trailer, while the live action version gives me the feeling of "they're just actors"), but very well made still.

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Parents are not rational about their child's safety

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Not having a kid, I can't say what I do. But during the video all I can think is: Don't, she's infected now!

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Doesn't matter how many zombie films I watch. If my kid's out there, I'm going to fucking well get her