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Live Crusader Kings II's Way of Life

By zethalee17-12-2014

Crusader Kings II, perhaps the world's finest incest and murder simulator, is getting another DLC release, nearly three years after it's initial launch on Steam. One of the major draws of grand strategy games such as Crusader Kings II is the ability to create your own stories, role-playing as certain historical figures, leading them on a glorious campaign to bankrupt the people and lands, or slaughter infidels in holy wars, et cetera. With this new expansion, this will give players further options to role-play as, or provide more fuel for user-created stories.

Titled the "Way of Life," the major draws for the expansion are the addition of a personal "Focus," which differ from Ambitions in that they provide a boost to skills and guide relationships throughout your character's life, and there's ten of them. Players also have more diplomatic interactions available to them, where they can challenge political rivals to duels, spy on them, seduce and break the hearts of lovers, and more. Lastly, there are a great deal of additional events that can pop up during gameplay, and 20 associated event pictures to boot.

If the thought of having more ways to make political enemies and spiral your characters into lifelong insanity appeals to you, it's going to be available the 16th of December for all platforms, and going to run you about 7.99 USD, or an equivalent price in other territories.

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