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Listen to the Echoes of the Sentient in Warframe

By zethalee03-08-2015

Though it's been some time since the last Warframe update, Digital Extremes have been hard at work in the meantime, and it shows in the latest update, titled “Echoes of the Sentient.” Major changes to the game are as follows:

  • New movement system: ziplines, wallrunning, “wall-latching,” double jumping and more are now available as part of the parkour system
  • New Warframe: Equinox, a unique Warframe that switches between Night and Day modes, each with their own strengths and abilities
  • Underwater tileset: much work has been done to make moving underwater feel realistic and engaging
  • New weapons, customizations, and more

Though I haven't put too much time into the game, from what I have, Warframe was an engaging, if slightly grindy experience best survived with friends and free time. At the very least, it's heartening to see that Digital Extremes is hard at work improving Warframe, even some time after the game's official release.

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Dude, the new movement system is frikkin' awesome!