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Lionhead’s Secret Project

By acharris7711-11-2013

Lionhead Studios appears to be working on some secret project. What this is, we do not know yet as it is not in the public eye. What with being a secret and all. The only hint is from a former employee of Lionhead, Franck Laurin, who on his linkedin profile said that he was working as a Senior Animator on Fable Legends, and an "un-announced project." All this sounds very cloak and dagger to me.

Considering that Lionhead is a AAA studio however, there is a certain expectation that secret projects are linked to an existing IP. Any guesses now would all be pure speculation, but probably we will see another Fable game. There are many past titles that I suppose we would like to see return too though, so please let us you below which game you think it is, or what you would like to see.

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Posts: 3290

I'm also thinking it's time for a Black and White revival

Posts: 166

I would like to see the film studio sim The movies, as I thought that was very underrated.

Posts: 1548

@Fr33 - that would be awesome!

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Black and White!